Trans Bhutan Trail

Trans Bhutan Trail was recently launched by the Bhutan-Canadian foundation with the vision to create a link between Bhutan’s past, present, and future.  The “Trans Bhutan Trail” is a long-distance hiking trail project that aims to traverse the entire country of Bhutan from west to east, offering hikers a unique opportunity to experience the country’s pristine landscapes, rich culture, and traditional lifestyle.

The Trans Bhutan Trail was envisioned as a community-based project to promote sustainable tourism and showcase Bhutan’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. It was designed to offer hikers an immersive experience in Bhutan’s diverse landscapes, from lush forests and meadows to high mountain passes and remote villages. The trail was also intended to connect various ancient pilgrimage routes and traditional footpaths used by locals for centuries.

The key highlights and points of interest along the Trans Bhutan Trail include:

  1. Have the chance to meet and interact with the friendly Bhutanese people, learn about their customs, and witness traditional ceremonies and festivals.

  2. The trail takes you through diverse ecosystems, from the lush lowlands to the rugged highlands, offering breathtaking views of Bhutan’s stunning landscapes.

  3. Bhutan is known for its Buddhist heritage, and the trail passes by several monasteries, dzongs (fortress-monasteries), and temples, providing opportunities for cultural exploration.

  4. The trail winds through remote and often isolated villages, allowing trekkers to experience the authentic rural life of Bhutan.

  5. Bhutan is home to a variety of wildlife, including snow leopards, takins, red pandas, and various species of birds. Trekkers may have the chance to spot some of these animals in their natural habitats.

  6. The trail includes challenging ascents and descents over high mountain passes, such as Dochula Pass and Pele La Pass, Thromshingla pass which offer panoramic views of the Himalayan peaks.

It’s optional you can choose to do the whole trip starting from West to East or do some sections as per your interest, time, and budget incorporating with the Bhutan culture tour. 


Sources: Trans Bhutan Web

PROGRAM OUTLINE: We have made some adjustments to the schedule to enhance practicality. Additionally, there is an option for an overnight camp, which can help lower costs compared to deluxe camping if preferred.


Outline Program

Walking Distance 

Highest Altitude 



1 Paro-Haa N/A 3810 meters Hotel  Transfer to Haa
2 Haa-Paro 14.3 Km 3684 meters Hotel  Start of Trek 
3 Paro-Tsaluney 12.81 Km 3473 meters Deluxe Tent  
4 Tsaluney-Thimphu 17.53 Km  3994 meters Hotel   
5 Thimphu-Hontsho 20 Km 2780 meters Hotel/Tent  Camp at Hontso
6 Hontsho-Tranleygang 12.88 Km 3116 meters Deluxe Tent  
7 Tranleygang-Punakha Dzong 14.71 Km 1821 meters Hotel   
8 Punakha Halt N/A 1200 meters Hotel  Rest Day 
9 Punakha Dzong-Lingmukha 12 Km 2147 meters Deluxe Tent  
11 Lingmukha-Samtengang 13.85 Km 2462 meters Deluxe Tent  
12 Samtengang-Razawo 16.24 Km 2798 meters Deluxe Tent  
13 Razawo-Longtey 15.7 Km 3413 meters Deluxe Tent  
14 Longtey-Chendeji 16.04 Km 3174 meters Deluxe Tent  
15 Chendebji-Tsangkha 22.52 Km 2470 meters Deluxe Tent  
16 Tsangkha-Kewathang 13.01 Km 2435 meters Deluxe Tent  
17 Kewathang-Getsa 19.38 Km 3427 meters Hotel   
18 Geytsa-Jakar 16.08 Km 3421 meters Hotel   
19 Jakar Halt N/A 3000 meters Hotel Rest Day 
20 Jakar(Phomdrong)-Ura 16.5 Km 3492 meters Farm House  
21 Ura-Gayzamchu 10.87 Km 3775 meters Deluxe Tent  
22 Gayzamchu-Sengor 12.7 Km 3691 meters Deluxe Tent  
23 Sangor-Latongla 10 Km 2982 meters Deluxe Tent  
24 Latongla-Lingmithang 14.7 Km  2650 meters Deluxe Tent  
25 Lingmithang-Mongar 15.8 Km 1601 meters Hotel   
26 Mongar-Korila 11.01 Km  2324 meters Deluxe Tent   
27 Korila-Sherizampa 13.09 Km  2324 meters Deluxe Tent  
28 Sherizampa-Dramitse 11.77 Km 2112 meters Deluxe Tent  
29 Dramitse-Gongthung 14.54 Km  2112 meters Deluxe Tent   
30 Gongthung-Tashigang 7.05 Km  1781 meters Hotel   
31 Tashigang-Paro 30 Mins 2200 meters Hotel  Short Flight to Paro
32 Paro N/A 2200 meters Hotel   
33 Departure  N/A N/A N/A  

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