Snowman Trek, Bhutan

The Snowman Trek offers different routes, each with unique starting and ending points. These routes can begin from Paro and end at Trongsa (Nikka Chhu), continue to Bumthang (Dur Tshachu/Hotsprings), or start from Punakha and finish at Trongsa or Bumthang.

Renowned for its challenge and rewards, the Snowman Trek showcases breathtaking landscapes, high-altitude terrain, and untouched wilderness. Covering an impressive 217 miles (350 km) in about 15 to 30 days, passing over thirteen towering mountain passes, ventures into remote highland communities, and includes camping amidst snowy vistas with glimpses of Bhutan’s majestic snow-covered peaks.

Taking on this trek requires exceptional physical readiness, suiting those who are highly active, healthy, and deeply passionate about trekking. The journey’s demands call for disciplined fitness training and understanding one’s physical limits. Navigating rugged terrain, conquering high mountain passes, and enduring long days of trekking requires not just strength but adaptability.

Mental strength is equally important, as the Snowman Trek presents challenges that can test even the strongest spirit. Extended days of walking, unpredictable weather, and the solitude of the wilderness can strain mental endurance. Those who truly enjoy pushing their physical and mental limits show their resilience through focus, positivity, and composure.

It’s essential to understand that the rewards for overcoming these challenges are priceless. The Snowman Trek reveals stunning views, untouched natural beauty, and an immersive experience of Bhutan’s culture. However, despite these incredible benefits, the journey remains a test of physical strength and an unwavering commitment to exploration.

Trek Variation Start Point End Point Duration Trek Duration Highest Camp Sites 
Snowman Trek I Par0 Bumthang 30 Days 24 Nights 5120m
Snowman Trek II Paro Trongsa (Nikachu) 27 Days 24 Nights 5050m
Snowman Trek III Gasa/Punakha Bumthang 21 Days 17 Nights 5120m
Snowman Trek IV Gasa/Punakha Trongsa (Nikachu) 19 Days 15 Nights 5050m