Druk Air

Druk Air

Drukair, Royal Bhutan Airlines, is the National airline of the Kingdom of Bhutan. There was a need to open up the skies. And so, the concept of a national airline was born on April 5, 1981. Drukair began operations on February 11, 1983, from Paro, a picturesque valley in western Bhutan, a 65 km drive away from the capital, Thimphu. At the time, Paro had a little airstrip servicing helicopter operations. Drukair began humbly with an 18-seat Dornier 228-200 that made its historic touch down at Paro airport on January 14, 1983, to the chant of inauguration prayers, cymbals, conches, and the like, with maroon-clad monks blessing the occasion and the plane. The first link was Kolkata, followed by six destinations in South Asia, including Bangkok. For securing flight seats or any flight-related enquiries write to us as our team is ready to assist or for inquiries and online booking please visit the airline website: https://www.drukair.com.bt/

Flight Schedule

Paro International Airport, Bhutan (HQ)

Indira Gandhi International Airport, Delhi (5 times weekly)

Tribhuvan internationa Airport, Bangkok (Daily)

Singapore Changi Airport (Twice Weekly)

Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Calcutta (Daily)

Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, Dacca ( Thrice weekly)