Discover the Druk Experience Difference.

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Discover the Druk Experience Difference.

When you travel with Druk Experience, you benefit from our travel specialists combined experience in the tourism industry.  You will have exclusive access to people and places when on tour with us.  Our guides and local experts are happy to share their knowledge of local culture and way-of-life in a way that you will find is enriching and, maybe, life-changing.  And you give back. Simply by taking a trip with Druk Experience, you are helping support local families throughout Bhutan.  This is just part of the Druk Experience Difference.

Access: Unparalleled access to people and places

Traveling with Druk Experience, you have opportunities to gain a personal perspective on Bhutan and its unique heritage.  Participate in an intimate butter lamp ceremony with the monks; meet and spend time with local families; learn to cook a Bhutanese dish from a farm house; get a blessing from local monks.  We promise to make every effort to make your tour unforgettable.

Knowledge: Learn from our expert guides

You gain knowledge when you travel with Druk Experience —whether you’re facing crossing a suspension bridge over a raging river, listening to local monks chanting prayers for all sentiment beings, experience a traditional Masked Dance or exploring ancient holy sites.  You will be surrounded by people who are steeped in local knowledge and traditions about the many places we visit. And they are all passionate about sharing that knowledge with you.

Give Back: When You Travel with Us, You Make a Difference

When you travel with Druk Experience, you support local families throughout Bhutan.  And by traveling to Bhutan, you help share our mission to preserve and protect our culture and way of life.  Every dollar spent by Druk Experience, helps local families, by providing much needed support by always buying local.