Deluxe Camping

Experience Deluxe Camping or sort of glamping in Bhutan with Druk Experience, a truly exceptional way to elevate your travel adventure. It allows you to intimately connect with awe-inspiring landscapes, pristine environments, and a delightful ambiance. Unlike regular trek camping, Deluxe camping sets itself apart with a wealth of amenities and heavy-duty gear, ensuring a comfortable night’s rest in the wilderness without burdening you with equipment. This proximity to remote villages and idyllic locations for birding, fishing, nature exploration, or mountain biking saves you the trouble of long-distance travel back to a hotel.

Deluxe Camping comes with the luxury of having your own room, private cook, and waiter, ensuring a personalized and comfortable experience. While not as opulent as a hotel, Deluxe Camping exudes comfort, style, and a wealth of amenities, making it an ideal choice for outdoor adventures without compromising on comfort.
Night view

Inside and table setting
The tents are large and spacious, crafted from thick cotton canvas, providing warmth in winter and reflecting heat in summer. Each tent can accommodate two single beds or a queen bed, with a study table and ample space for luggage. Soft mattresses, bed sheets, and pillows add a touch of homeliness, while a separate dining tent offers a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for savoring delicious meals prepared by your dedicated camping crew.
Our Deluxe Camping also includes western-style toilets, private wood-burning fire chambers (Bukhari) with a chimney (availability may vary depending on the location accessible by road), and an additional attendant to cater to your needs. Alternatively, we can arrange a campfire near your dining area. Moreover, for special occasions or preferences, Deluxe can be further upgraded to suit individual desires, whether it’s a private honeymoon or a corporate team-building event.
Toilet & Bukhari

Deluxe Camping in Bhutan promises an unforgettable and comfortable way to immerse yourself in the breathtaking natural beauty of this enchanting country.