Classic Culture Tours

Bhutan remains the last Mahayana Buddhist country in the world today. Countless sacred monasteries, temples, stupas, prayer flags and prayer wheels which dot the countryside provide a strong infrastructure and atmosphere for the living faith. Our various cultural tour programs will help you to experience and understand the authentic Bhutanese culture, traditions.

Introduction to Bhutan

The Introduction to Bhutan tour is one of our most popular. This tour highlights all the major sites of interest in western and central Bhutan. This seemingly leisure-paced journey takes you on a journey of well-preserved tradition and culture, medieval Dzongs, pristine landscapes, monasteries, and our ever-friendly people. Whatever...
Duration 7 Nights/8 days
Activities Culture Sightseeing
Journeys Small Group Journey
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Village Visit & Hikes

Want to see the real Bhutan?  The best way to experience the people, forests and scenery is to get out and walk on ancient trails.  Don’t think that trekking is for you though? Then the Village Visits and Hikes tour is the tour you are looking for. We take...
Duration 8 Nights/9 Days
Activities Village hikes
Journeys Small Group
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Bhutan Tour with Deluxe Camping

Open outdoors camping in Bhutan is seemingly one of the extraordinary approaches to upgrade your travel experience. Its nearby and sentimental meeting with dazzling scenes, flawless and early condition, all pervading curiosity and that’s just the beginning.On a conventional trek outdoors, little light weight tents are utilized with conceivably...
Duration 10 Nights/11 Days
Activities Hikes
Journeys Small Group
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Bhutan Traverse from West to East

Bhutan is a small country but it has stunning natural scenery, the enduring image of the country’s culture and tradition that binds the kingdom that clearly distinguishes it from its neighbours countries. A entire Bhutan tour crossing from Western to Eastern Bhutan gives a fascinating insight into its ever...
Duration 14 Nights/15 Days
Activities Culture Sightseeing
Journeys Small Group
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Preview Bhutan Tour

The word Bhutan evokes a far-reaching reaction to the minds to the outside world. Mostly swinging to the extremes – it is generally perceived as paradise on earth or country isolated and trapped on time wrapped. This 6-day tour opens the window that can lay to rest these reactions....
Duration 5 nights /6 days
Activities Tours, Sightseing
Journeys Small group journey
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Quintessential Bhutan Experience

Quintessential Bhutan Culture visit is the best multi day visit alternative for Bhutan. It is a stage back in time for a brief look at conventions and customs quick vanishing from the rest of the world. The little realm of Bhutan is so customary, so antiquated, thus totally socially...
Duration 9 Nights/10 days
Activities Culture Tours
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Bhutan Country Walks

Bhutan Country walks tour traverses through areas of incredible natural beauty to isolated monasteries, villages and valleys, and High Mountain passes offering breathtaking scenery. This tour also explores the highlights of Bhutan’s culturally rich western valleys. This is the perfect trip to experience the delight of crossing high hills...
Duration 14 Days
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