Bhutan to lock-down first time after COVID-19 outbreak.

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Bhutan to lock-down first time after COVID-19 outbreak.

Bhutan has forced first time across the nation lockdown on 11 August 2020. The declaration for lockdown had been announced at 3:15 AM on PM’s official Facebook page and live broadcasted on 7:00 AM on national TV by Prime Minister Dr. Lotey.

The Nationwide lockdown had been forced following 27-year woman from Gelephu (returned from Kuwait) had been detected and affirmed COVID-19 positive subsequent to 14 days after mandatory serving 21 days in government facilitated quarantine in Paro. She had been release from quarantine in the wake of showing negative result for multiple times on COVID test.

The Government had started on convenient measure to stop fire of COVID-19 at beginning phase and break the chain of transmission. On press briefing Lyenchen (Prime Minister) declared the term of Lockdown will rely upon the circumstance. Most likely from 6 nights to a month or more incase her primary contact people shows or affirms a positive of COVID-19.

Today Bhutan has 113 confirmed case of COVID-19. All the cases are hand-picked from government quarantine across nation and no local transmission as such. Out of confirmed case 97 individuals had been effectively recovered with Zero casualty till date.

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