Bhutan Distance Chart

The National Highway (NH) is the primary road that intersects Bhutan and provides the primary mode of transportation from West to East and vice versa, for Bhutan’s residents and visitors.  It is known for winding its way up and down mountains, over bridges, along the side of cliffs, and over tall mountain passes. The views can be breathtaking at times.  The highway is currently under construction in sections, so delays can be common. 

Bhutan Distance & Altitude chart with Driving Time (in Kilometers)

Paro (2200 m)Thimphu54 Km1 hr +
ParoHaa70 Km2.5 hrs
ParoPunakha/ Wangdue130 Km4-5 hrs
ParoPhuentsholing165 Km5-6 hrs
Thimphu (2300 m)Punakha71 Km2.5 hrs
ThimphuWangdue70 Km2.5 hrs
ThimphuGangtey, Phobjikha134 Km5-6 hrs
ThimphuTrongsa199 Km7 hrs
Haa (2700 m)Thimphu
(via Chuzom)
112 Km4 hrs
Punakha (1350 m)Wangdue13 Km45 min
Wangdue (1300 m)Gangtey, Phobjikha65 Km2.5 hrs
WangdueTrongsa129 Km5 hrs
WangdueJakar, Bumthang195 Km6-7 hrs
Gangtey (2900 m)Trongsa120 Km4-5 hrs
Jakar, Bumthang (2650m)Tang40 Km1.5 hrs
JakarUra48 Km2 hrs
JakarMongar198 Km7 hrs
Trongsa (2200 m)Jakar68 Km2-3 hrs
TrongsaZhemgang110 Km4.5 hrs
TrongsaTingtibi105 Km4 hrs
Tingtibi (600m)Gongphu45 Km2 hrs
TingtibiPanbang85 Km4+ hrs
TingtibiManas (Bhutan)95 Km5 hrs
TingtibiGelegphu115 Km4 hrs
Zhemgang (1900m)Tingtibi16 Km40 Min
Panbang (300m)Manas (Mathanguri)
11 Km40 Min
Gelegphu (280m)Guwahati, Assam390 Km5-6 hrs
GelegphuPhuentsholing195 Km4 hrs