Druk Experience is excited to welcome you to Bhutan, the land of the Thunder Dragon. We want to be the tour professionals you chose to show you how amazing Bhutan truly is.  Our travel specialists are dedicated to working closely with you to ensure that your tour is everything that you hoped for and more.  We specialize in individualized and customized tours that give you a glimpse into the heart of Bhutan, our amazing people.  Druk Experience is a licensed tour operator and we provide all services necessary for a safe and memorable journey. We handle all bookings, ticketing, and visa paperwork – so all you need to do is pack and prepare to enjoy the trip of a lifetime!

When you book a tour with Druk Experience you are helping empower our local communities through tourism, as we work very closely with families and businesses throughout the 20 Dzongs that make up Bhutan.  When you book with us, you are helping to provide Bhutanese expert guides and drivers with a steady income, local homestays with business, and communities with much-needed developments through tourism. Your tour can make a difference in the lives of so many of our people who live in small villages and communities.

Druk Experience is the first tour company in Bhutan to welcome LGBT travel.  We also specialize in women-only travel. We can customize any tour to fit any need or want that you may have.  We even have the luxury of being able to provide top-notch women tour guides and drivers for tours.   Experience Bhutan with Druk Experience! We promise you will love it!