2021 Bhutan Travel Update

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2021 Bhutan Travel Update

When Will Travel To Bhutan Be A Possibility?

It is hoped that tourists will be welcomed back to Bhutan again in the second half of 2021 and maybe as early as July/August 2021.

So we’re gearing up for that possibility. Of course, it is possible that this may change and it could be a little later.

However, you can still book now as we are offering a no-deposit booking service until things have settled down and there is more certainty when travel will start up again.

Please be assured you can book your Bhutan experience with our team, at any time from January 2021 for travel dates after July 2021.

If the situation arises that Bhutan’s border opening is delayed, we will extend your journey to a later date, with no extra service fees for the changes required.

Start planning your Bhutan tour now!

And remember, please plan for travel to Bhutan after July 2021.